You’ll be getting lesson 5 in a couple of days.  Originally was going to include information on the following topics:
Pandemic Flu
Chemical/Biological Weapon Attacks
“Ghetto” Medicine

As a result of the increased concern about the swine flu, we have expanded the lesson to the point that it is too big for a single week, and so we are splitting it into two separate lessons.

This week’s lesson is going to focus strictly on pandemic flu. We’ll be covering the history of the flu, the validity of the threat, how you can prevent the flu for little/no cost, and how you can treat the flu if you get it. 

For this week’s lesson, I’ve consulted with doctors, naturopaths, a
bio-weapons expert who studied under the head of the Soviet Bio-Weapons
program, and a geneticist who specializes in viruses.  It’s some VERY
exciting information that you’re going to want to print out and read a
couple of times.

Next week, we’ll be covering the rest of the topics that were going to be covered in lesson 5.

One result of this is that your course is now going to be 13 lessons, rather than 12 lessons. While you will get more information, you will

not pay a dime more.What are your your thoughts on the flu?
Is the threat real?
Is it a hoax? Is it a conspiracy?
What preparations are you making?
What are your thoughts on focusing an entire week on the flu and extending the course a week?Please let me know below.  Again, I’ll be sending lesson 5 in a couple of days.


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77 Responses to “Lesson 5 Announcement”

  • andrea says:

    As a retired nurse, I use all the tried and true methods of washing of hands, afew drops of bleach in the dishwater, cleaning doorknobs, phones, cabinet tops,steering wheels in cars, cart handles before touching them,using paper towels to flush toilet, open doors etc. The last time I had the flu was 25 years ago. I was the nurse that was working double shifts because all the other nurses were sick. A strong immune system and some common sense will go a long way to helping you stay well

  • Jim says:

    The swine flu “epidemic” of last year had a rough time catching on due to the timing of it. It was too early and we had plenty of sunlight.

    The Canadians and others have done excellent research re vitamin D3 and flu and Cancer. Simply increase your d3 intake it seems to help.

    Also MMS should get rid of any flu rather easily, it should be in everyones medicine cabinet. If I or my wife feel something coming on we take a few drops and it seems to knock it out very quickly.

    Spiritual Assist healing techniques can help anyone speed up healing on an illness, trama or injury. One should know about this area of healing too.

  • Jade4now says:

    I am very interested in hearing about what H1N1 is up to, as all popular media stopped reporting on this topic months ago. I realize that virus mutations continue despite the short attention span of many people in this country. I also believe that if its not H1N1 that finally mutates to the point of high transmissiblity and high lethality, then some other bug will eventually do it…, and that will get everyone’s attention. We will then need all the help we can get, so bring on the double lesson and thank you.

  • BlindSquirl says:

    The so called “epidemic” is really just a good marketing pitch to sell more vaccine. More people die every year from the “normal” flu and it’s usually from other complications in people who have compromised immune systems. The vaccine killed more people than the swine flu when the drug companies first came up with this marketing scheme back in the 70’s.

  • Tobias says:

    I am a nurse who works in a college clinic. We got hit hard with swine flu last year and, because I wasn’t a good boy about wearing a simple mask, I got it. I was sick for about a week and was getting to the point where I was about to check myself into the hospital. Quick note, I have standing orders with friends and family to shoot me before admitting me to the hospital.

    My doctor told me to use an ancient yoga technique called ‘Neti-pot’ nothing more than a saline flush through the nose. 1 cup of warm water and 1/2 teaspoon of salt mixed and poured into one nostril until the water starts coming out the other. 24 hours later I was 100 percent.

    Viruses, pollen etc tend to hang out in the nose. Remove them and they stop bothering you. Simple and effective.

    Stay clean inside and out and the need for fancy and expensive drugs goes away. There is no magic pill or cure. Keep it simple.

  • stupid says:

    hot dry air will get rid of colds and flu. build a tent in your living room and run a hair dryer to heat the interior of it to as hot as you can stand to breathe. spend at least 10 to 20 minutes breathing the hottest driest air you can stand a couple of times a day. drink plenty of fluids. and if you coupled that with the saline nose/sinus wash as tobias suggested, that would be a double whammy on it. oh yeah, make sure you do not set the house on fire heating the tent. that just ruins your day.

  • George says:

    I am a 66 yr old man with asthma, copd, and type II diabetes and in the past, some yrs I took the flu shot and some yrs I didn’t. Taking it or not seemed to make absolutely no difference whether or not I got the flu. Keep your immune system up! I also use elderberry extract and Lomatium Osha for viral infections. They work wonders but you must use them at the first signs of a problem. My backup is oscillococcinum which will reduce the symptons of flu. BTW there is a nozzle for the water pik that will turn it into a netti pot. You need a more specialized drug store to find it.

    A netti pot works great on stuffy noses and sinus problems.

    Our mission is to prepare for it, not try and figure out where it came from or if it is a conspiracy. Focus on the mission folks!

  • Shannon says:

    Question for Jim:

    What is MMS


  • Alice Fredrick says:

    Thanks for all the info and input. I need all I can get. There are some very good tips and your information is great. I don’t mind a bit if we have 13 weeks. I am sure it will be worth it.

  • julzz nunya says:

    judging from the clear info fed to us thru the “tube”, common sense says the swine flu is not only a hoax but a conspiracy as well. they diposaed of millions of unused doses, they had shipped body bags to hospitals with the vaccines, the MASSIVE profits made from making vaccines almost compulsory, and then you throw in mandatory health care having to be purchased from private insurance companies. the whole thing just WREAKS of BS. follow the money and you will see.
    oh i think the flu is real enuff to make you sick, but it surely wont kill you. and you surely dont need a shot to shake it off or prevent it. im not going to go into it, if anyone feels compelled to find out more, the info is readily out there. if you dont believe it, you dont have to bother.
    as for me, the swine flu thing is almost a non issue as far as being a threat to my life. i use common sense and herbal remedies if needed. havent been sick in years or more.
    good luck and God Bless to all my fellow patriots

  • dianne says:

    I got the Pneumonia shot a few years back at my Dr’s insistence. I am a type 2 diabetic. NEVER AGAIN!!!! Not only did I get Bronchitis, I had Pneumonia for 3 weeks that winter – it was horrible. I learned from a dentist that to do the salt water up your nose (similar to neti pot but no pot necessary, just water and a spoon) gets out all the germs if you do it on a regular basis when you are sick. I also have a habit of doing cider vinegar with honey 1Tablespoon 3x a day which wards off sore throats when I get sick. Green Tea helps too. Stay away from dairy, it produces mucus.

    Thanks for the extra lesson, I am sure it will help me be more prepared for whatever may come our way. If swine flu hits again, I will just stay home and if I have to go out, keep hand sanitizer with me and wear a mask, being a diabetic swine flu could do a double whammy on me. (my mom is always worried about things like that)

  • Augusto says:

    Great idea, extending the course. The better informed we are the better the odds of surviving.

  • charles says:

    I think it a good idea.

  • Dennis says:

    This is the most common sense material that I have ever seen. and Know the cause are the only rational informative program’s that I have found anywhere. Thanks for the 13 chapters.

  • George says:

    Your questions to us…Is the threat real? Is it a hoax? Is it a conspiracy? I am sure it is a little bit of all-the-above. Fifty-some years ago I had the Hong Kong flu and that was enough for me. My dad and his uncles all had the flu that was passing around from 1918 to 1921. The medical industry once thought that Parkinson’s Diease was a left over from that flu. Later deciding that wasn’t true. Couldn’t prove it by me, he and all his uncles had Parkinson’s early in their lives.

    Clean hands, clean hands, clean hands will go a long way in the flu season. Netti pots are high on my list too. In my area the H1N1 is trying to make a comeback. A couple of confirmed cases. Doesn’t hurt to crank up the vitimin C during the season. Your body can take a lot of it if needed.

  • Olga says:

    Dear David;
    Thank you for all the useful information and the extra lesson!!!! I LOVE the course 😉

  • I found out years ago, that things like hot pepper sauce, and garlic work wonders. I haven’t had flu in years, and if I do sense a cold, I just eat a couple of hot burritos, and that does the trick. At first, it was tough getting my “anglo” gut around the hot peppers, but now I am used to it, and can down a slug of “Tabasco” like it was brandy. Out here, a local steak house has a drink they call “brush fire”. 1oz. of golden taquila, floating atop 1oz. of tabasco. You can’t sip it, because the tabasco slides out under the taquila, and gets you. The only way is throw it down in one quick gulp.

  • Steve says:

    Ditto’s to all of the earlier posts/replies.

    Pandemic flu IS all that others have said … just follow the money trail and pay close attention to the man behind the curtain, Dorothy !!!

    Steve in Paradise

  • Pat says:

    Truth in a lot of these comments…

    Would say that when one does the research, it really starts to get interesting the government gets all concerned about a possible a new flu strain – then the media seems to push the flu shots, etc – follow the money trail as Steve said above…wise words.

    As far as prevention…hot (spicy) foods, red wine, and tomato soup work for me…natural immune system builders. When it gets to that time of the year, I increase my vitamin B, C, D3, and echinacea. I haven’t been sick for so long I cannot remember the last time…but have been using the timeless wisdom of those before me…wash your hands and if you need to stick something in your mouth, nose or eyes – use your elbow.

  • Janet says:

    Hi David,
    very informative. And keeping the noise clean does work, only i use
    peroxide on a Q-tip and gargle with peroxide.
    thank you,and keep the lesson’s coming.

  • ben says:

    Silver colloidal. I made my own unit from RadioShack for about $30. Have not been sick for about 6-7 yrs. You can also adjust the ppm, dependent on water temp., time the unit runs, etc… NOT A FILTER! Use only distilled water w/sea salt. Also NEED 27V-no rechargeable batteries. Must be .999 fine rod. I spent more money on the silver rod (.999fine) than I did on the rest of unit. It works!
    Also- drop a silver 1/2 dollar in your milk carton– It will last longer (well past the exp. date if you buy it fresh). Silver is still cheap @ this time; w/sooo many benefits.
    Don’t sell your grandmothers silver; they used it for a reason. The $$ you get will be far less than the health benefit you recieve.
    God Bless you all….Ben

  • wendy says:

    Thanks David for this information! I also learned a few lessons from a woman who is a nurse in England. Swab your nostrils with salt water. Gargle with warm salt water to get germs out then hit it again with a cup of hot herbal tea to wash the germs down the throat and into the stomach where it won’t do any damage there. Keep hands clean and away from the face like we were all taught! I tried swabbing, gargling, and hot tea method when my husband was in the hospital and I was losing sleep and around others with illness and I felt something coming on but I never got sick! By the way sleep is a must to stay healthy as whenever I lacked enough rest a nasty cold would follow. Keep the comments coming as I am learning so much from you readers!!

    Be well, Wendy

  • wendy says:

    P.S Jim what is MMS?

  • Alice says:

    This past fall they offered seniors 2 versions of the flu shot. I couldn’t get the “super” shot due to a Latex allegy. The “super” shot contained the H1N1. So glad I didn’t fit the bill for getting the “super” shot!! My Husband rec’d the “super” shot and was sick several
    times this past fall & winter. Now I am finding out ways to avoid taking the flu shot altogether. Thanks for so much information!

  • Chris says:

    Personally, the “swine flu” was just a bit too convenient, too perfectly hyped, and seemed to push more of a political agenda than a health situation. I’m still not sure if it was a test to see if they could control the masses, or just a way to pay off their friends in big pharma. Am I a conspiracy nut? Maybe. But the flu “pandemic” seemed like a lot of noise for nothing. However, that doesn’t mean that there are not real threats out there. I am glad that this is being covered thoroughly. Please feel free to add whatever you wish, as the lessons so far have been very informative, and I expect the added lessons to be just as great.

  • Lorie says:

    The more info the better! Thanks for all the hard work you do and for keeping everything up to speed with the latest research and findings. BIG Pharma is rich for a reason and the rest of us are poorer and sicker each year! HMMMM wonder why that is?….NOT!

  • Lynn says:

    I am a homeopathic nurse and I would suggest having a stockpile of Oscillococcinum (available at any grocery or drug store in the cold meds dept)for the first sensation of a cold or flu. I also keep quantities of Colloidal silver, Tea tree oil, Thieves essential oil and GSE.

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